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Spectrum Noir Triblend 3 in 1 markers review

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all having a good start to 2019 ? 

Just before Christmas I was very lucky to be sent the BRAND NEW markers from Spectrum Noir, Before we get onto any information I did receive these markers free of charge, but I have not once been asked to write a review in return and all opinions are of my own. 


Now if you haven't seen Spectrum Noir have today released some brand new markers on HSN in America, these are due for release in the UK on February 22nd. 

They are called Triblend Markers and are very unique. They are alcohol based and have a bullet nib but each pen in divided into 3 sections as shown below. 


And as you can see one part is the light, one is the mid and one is the dark, this takes all the guess work out of what pen goes with what to achieve a nice smooth blend. 
The thing I like about these markers is they can be a great stepping stone for a new colorist or someone who does struggle with getting those color combinations right. They are also great if you travel as they take up less room ! 

Onto the review and my honest thoughts on these markers. 

The basics 

At the moment there is 24 Triblend pens, I believe (this has not been confirmed ) that there is more colours to come. The color range is nice and varied as shown below.  These colours are the same as the original marker range. 


I like that there is two skin tone pens as this is what I know some people tend to struggle with. 

On first impressions the pens are longer than the original Spectrum Noir markers. 


As you can see they seem to also be slightly narrower too. I really like the feel of these pens, they feel well made and the lids arent a battle to get on and off...I have arthritis and  have not struggled with them at all. 

The ink is very smooth...I am not sure if they have changed their formula but the blend is very smooth. 

They are clearly marked with what the color codes are which is handy if you own or intend to purchase their other markers. 



I wanted to keep the test as fair and simple as possible so I picked out 3 images and stamped them all using Hybrid ink onto some marker safe card. I did film the whole process but my video card on my computer isn't working well so as soon as that is fixed I will upload the video. For all 3 images it took me less than 45 mins to color them, this included stamping and picking colours so these pens are great if you are in a hurry. 

I started with a Pink & Main image which I will link below. It coloured well, I haven't used bullet nobs for a very long time (I have switched all my nibs on my other markers to brush nibs) so that was a little strange to me. The yellow didn't give a huge amount of dimension, but it gave enough. I went over a couple of areas on the hedgehog with the dark color at the ned to add shading. 


The next image is a Studio Katia Image. I wanted to try purple as for some reason this is a color I always struggle with finding a nice blend with. It blended very smoothly and again I added extra depth with the dark pen at the end, I used the Green Turquoise pen on his little Ariel  and really like that blend. 


For the 3rd image I tried something different and used a Simon Says Stamp heart stamp from their latest release which I stamped in Inkon3 Fadeout ink and then coloured with the red blend. I then stamped the same stamp over the top using Ranger Alcohol Ink Lift ink pad and it worked !!!! Even though I have seen them say it only works on non-porous card. 


I LOVE how this turned out and the red blend is great, lovely depth and is my favourite so far. 

I picked out 5 random colours and did some swatch tests with them. 


I picked 3 colours I normally struggle to blend with plus the 2 skin tone colours to swatch. For each one I put a layer of the lightest, then mid then dark and then blended them out, this is how I always tend to color so do what works best for you. 

The Purple I was very impressed with and it blended perfectly. All the other colours I had no problems with and they all blended out nicely. 

The verdict 

In my honesty opinion these markers are good markers. There work both ends of the scale, which let me explain what I mean by that. If you are someone new to colouring these take all the guess work out of it for you, which leads to a better colouring experience and allow you to build your confidence with colouring. 

For a more experience colorist these are great to use for travelling, craft classes or even on holiday, even the full 24 set have a small footprint and the pens feel sturdy enough that they will travel well. 

If I own the Spectrum Noir Alcohol markers do I need these ? 

Honestly that is down to you, I think if your budget allows it then yes because they are just so easy and convenient. 

For someone who has been colouring for many years I had fun with these, If I need to make a quick card or want a day colouring on the sofa then I will be reaching for these. 

The one downside for me is that on a couple of colours (mainly yellows) there wasn't enough depth for me with the suggested blend and I would have to add in another colour, but that is personal preference I do like to have quite a bit of depth with my colouring, if you are someone who that doesn't bother then this won't bother you. It doesn't bother me enough to say I won't use the pens, I will just add in some extra shading using other pens in the set. 


The pens are currently on as a bundle with card stock and ink pad for $99.95 and can be found here. I will let you know a UK price as soon as I have it. 

I will play around more with these pens and add more projects soon. 

If you would like to know more then check out the Spectrum Noir Website here

Also if you want me to test anything or answer any questions then comment down below. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I am having a bit of a crafting break during January so I will see you guys real soon. 

Happy Crafting.  



  1. Sharon Nettleship9 January 2019 at 09:32

    Great review and well written and informative. Could you do an image with skin please? Just to be awkward lol

  2. inkyfingersandribbon9 January 2019 at 09:33

    Thanks bestie and yep of course :)

  3. Great review. Can you get confirmation if these are refillable. I have seen two different answers. Thank you.

  4. inkyfingersandribbon9 January 2019 at 12:47

    Hi Roberta at present I'm not 100% and I'm waiting for an answer and then I will let you know :)

  5. Really wonderful review Tracy! I love the cards you've created with these markers :) The blends you did are really beautiful especially the purples. I have a full set (old) of SN markers and and am still struggling with purples so it's nice to see they've improved those colors/formula! Thank you for the review - it's really helpful and informative 💜

  6. inkyfingersandribbon9 January 2019 at 13:20

    Thanks so much Ana I'm glad you liked the review :)
    Purple is my favourite colour but I always struggle with it blending wise, these made me happy that I can now use that blend

  7. Sara said on HSN that they are refillable like the other Spectrum Noir markers.


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