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The Daily Marker 30 Day| Arteza Brush Pen Review

Hey lovelies, I hope you are having a great week ? 

Those who follow me on Social Media know that hubby recently purchased me some of the Arteza Brush Pens & a few people said about a review and this month being The Daily Marker 30 day challenge I thought it seemed like a perfect time to do one. 

Before I get onto the review Studio Katia is today hopping for the The Daily Marker and the Design Team have created some amazing cards so make sure you head on over to the Studio Katia Blog for all the hop details. 

I will share my card I created for the hop at the end of this post. If you don't know what the Daily Marker Challenge is then you can check it out here. But what it basically is that the lovely Kathy challenges you to color something everyday for 30 days, even if it is just for 2 mins to just take some time out and relax and color. It is a great challenge and you DON'T have to take part everyday so make sure you check it out. 

Grab a cuppa and settle down for the review. 

First a little bit about the markers. These pens are water based brush pens which come in sets of 12, 24, 48 & 96. At present they do not come individually. 

They are similar to Zig Clean color real brush markers. Before I get into the review just a note that I do not have Zigs so cannot compare them, also I am not being paid to do this review and as stated my husband purchased me these pens and this review is totally of my own opinion. 

I have kept these photos as unedited as possible as I wanted to show you the true colours and results as much as possible, so if some of the pictures are a little dark that is why. 

The following is taken directly from the Arteza website- 

* 96 unique colors for sketching, drawing & calligraphy
* Water-based ink that create ethereal, one-of-a-kind watercolor effects
* Flexible nylon brush tip for fine, medium and bold strokes, offering maximum flexibility
* Non-toxic & meets ASTM standards, making it 100% safe for everyone, providing you peace of mind

I have the 48 set as shown below. 


The pens do not have any colour names, which I know a lot of people say it is a downside, for me I don't mind too much but it would be nice to be able to share with people what colours you have used. 

The brush nib is quite long and narrows to a nice point. 


As shown below the brush nib is very much a brush and very fleixble. The bristels seem nice and I ahve had no shedding.  


I have swatched the colours included in the set below, this is a good "base" set, but I do feel they put too many green & blue tones in this set and would have been better doing a couple more reds & yellows. 


Throughout the review I did some basic tests to see how the pens work. I used 3 different types of paper to do so: Canson, Bristol Smooth & Distress Water color. I picked these 3 as they seem to be the most commonly used. Just to note that Bristol is not a watercolor card like the other two, but it is very popular with Zig users and they report great results. which is why I included it in this test


I will be using a waterpen for all the testing. For the first one I simply added some colour down to see how it well it blended out. 

As you can see it blended out ok on all the card stock, it blended out VERY easily on the Canson, infant possibly a little too easy and it ended up pulling most of the color out. The Bristol not so much and I really liked it on the Distress. 


I did the same again but with a slightly lighter color and this again worked ok on the Canson, Struggled wait the Bristol and did well with the Distress.


For the next test I wanted to see how they worked without water and if you could blend them out using different shades from the same color family.

This seemed to work well across all the card stocks, but again struggled a bit on the Bristol. 


I sometimes like to use colours from totally different color families so I decided to repeat the above test with two very different colours.

This time round this actually worked better on the Bristol than any of the other card. I believe Bristol does have a slight coating on it, so I think this would have led to better blending for techniques such as this.  


Some of the reviews I saw people said they thought the brush was too big, so for the next test I did some lines to show the thinnest to the widest. I also did a quick squiggle to show the flexibility of the brush...I'm not brush letter artist so I cannot comment on how well these would work for that, but I do know Kristina Werner uses these pens so if that is what you want them I'd maybe check her blog out.  

I think you get a good range of size from the brush nib, and for fine detailing I have found no problems with these pens. 


So the basic tests done I thought across the board they performed better for me on Canson with the Distress coming a close second, I probably wouldn't use them with Bristol card if I am honest. 

My thoughts 

I like these pens, the more I use them the more I do like them. They blend well, are very vibrant and are fun to use. I do feel that they have some negatives and have listed below my pluses and minuses on these pens. 

Plus points

  • They are cheap, in fact they seem to be roughly half the price to Zig pens on some sites so if you are on a budget and have been wanting the Zigs I'd certainly look at these. 

  • They blend well. I have used some cheap water based pens over the years and a lot of the time they just don't blend well, I was surprised with these at how well they do blend. 

  • They are vibrant. The colours on these are gorgeous and very rich and vibrant...I am not sure how light fast the colours are, but I really like the colours. 

  • They seem well made. I haven't had these long so this could change, but for now I am impressed with how solid these pens seem, the barrel is nice and firm and I have had no loss bristles. The lids go on and off nicely too.  

Minus points

  • They don't sell them individually. For me this is a huge mistake on Arteza's behalf, yes the pens are cheap to buy, but if you run out of one or two colours it means buying a whole set again, or like me if you purchased one of the smaller sets and now want the whole set it means having to buy the 96 pen set. This in the long run makes them an expensive product and I really think if Arteza want to do well and have people invest longterm in their product they need to bring out the individual pens.

  • They have no color names. Whilst this isn't a deal breaker for me I know SO many people who won't buy because of this, people like to share their color combos and if there is no color names to do so I really think a lot of people won't buy these based on that.

  • Far too many blues and greens. Looking across the sets they have done ALOT of blues and greens, too many in my opinion and they would have been better doing some more of the other colours which they seem to be lacking in. 


Even with the minus points above I do still really like these pens, they are fun to use and I like the results I am getting from them. I just really wish they would sell them individually, if they did then I would love them, but that one point is whats making me struggle with them as I know in the long run having to buying sets to possibly replace one or two markers will work out costly. 

If however you want some fun cheap water based markers then I'd recommend them, they are widely sold. I purchased mine from Simon Says Stamp and they can be found here

My card for the Studio Katia & Daily Marker 30 day blog hop was coloured using the Arteza markers along with Studio Katia's Spring Bouquet stamp & die set. 


I layered a couple of colours and used Canson card and I am really happy with how it turned out....I LOVE the pinks in these pens. 


I also used some Studio Katia Crystals to finish the card off...You need some of these Studio Katia Crystals they are AMAZING ! 

Don't forget to check out all the hop details on the Studio Katia blog

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions about the pens, or would like me to test something out for you before you buy then let me know in the comments below :) I am hoping to be doing videos again soon (REALLY need to lighting sorted first) so I will try to do a video using them ASAP. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you have a great day. 

Happy crafting. 





  1. Wow, your review is illuminating and thorough, Tracy! I especially appreciate your honesty in weighing the plus/minus points. Hopefully, you've shared the 'please sell these individually' request with the Arteza folks; maybe they'll be receptive if they hear this from a number of people. You've certainly mastered these markers, as seen in several of your previous cards, as well as the beauty shared here! Gorgeous pinks; lovely layering! In awe, as always, at your artistry!

  2. inkyfingersandribbon16 June 2018 at 16:53

    Carol you are so kind thank you so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed the review

  3. LOve you review!!! <3 Thank you for sharing!
    I have 96 set and I work on Canson Watercolor... what can I say, water based stuff is hard for me after pencils :D but I feel like these pens are worth to try to master them LOL

  4. inkyfingersandribbon17 June 2018 at 14:38

    So glad you like it. Yes I get what you mean, I used pencils and alcohol markers for years and switching back to water colour was hard.

  5. Thanks for a great review Tracy! I really wasn't sure weather to try these markers and I ended up buying more zigs as I'm so used to them now, but wanted more colours! these look so similar but as you say maybe the colour choice not so good! Anyway they are worth thinking about for sure! Your colouring with them is stunning! Beautiful card Tracy, love the layers of colour so vibrant! Great work! Hugs Tracy xxx

  6. Thanks for your review! Love your colouring! Fantastic card!!!

  7. inkyfingersandribbon22 June 2018 at 08:54

    Thanks so much lovely. I would love to try the zigs it just the price point for me, especially as I'm trying to save for other bits at the moment. I will give them a go at some point though :)
    Hope you're well xxx

  8. Oh wow--the pinks are beautiful, for sure! Love your card, Tracy! You did a great review--very helpful. I've already bought quite a few Zigs--many on sale, fortunately. Interesting that Zigs work so great on Bristol & these don't.

  9. Thanks Tracy for this very complete review. It’s very helpful !

  10. They now sell individual color sets of 4 markers. I just purchased a set of the 96 colors, and am excited to try them out!

  11. inkyfingersandribbon6 July 2019 at 15:11

    I ended up giving mine away because I just didn’t use them. I’m glad they have brought out smaller sets now though


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