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My blog is a blog, their privacy statement can be found here.

Wordpress does require the use of cookies and when you visit my site you will be greeted by a banner which advises you of this and requires you to read their policy and accept it.

If you leave a comment on my blog you are consenting to sharing the following information-


Email Address

IP Address

Please note I do not use these details in anyway.

If I run a giveaway or offer a prize on my blog you need to be aware that I will require certain information from you such as the following-


Email Address

Mailing Address

If the prize is coming via a third party eg Simon Says Stamp I will need to share your information with them. Privacy policy can be found here.

I will only keep your data for 30 days and then I will delete it.

I previously had on my blog a Follow Via Email button, this has now been removed. If you would like for me to remove you from my Follow by Email list then please contact me via email at

I do not run adverts on my blog, but I do have links to the Simon Says Stamp Store in my sidebar.

I do add links to products in my blog posts, this is for you to purchase/see what products I have been using. Again these links will be to the Simon Says Stamp Store whose privacy policy can be found here.

I have/do also use(d) LinkDeli on my blog. Their privacy policy can be found here.


On my sidebar I have links to various social media platforms that I use. I have listed them below along with links to their privacy policies.

Instagram Privacy Policy Here

Youtube Privacy Policy Here

Facebook Privacy Policy Here

My blog posts do post to Facebook which means that items such as their like buttons and share buttons can be used. Again please read their privacy policy above to see how they collect information.




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