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Simon Saturday | Organisation Ideas

Hey lovelies, I know it has been a little while since I did a Simon Saturday. As you may have read on my other posts we have been having a heat wave here and I have not been in my craft room due to the heat, I tried a few times and even with fans on etc it was still just to hot to do anything. 

Thankfully it has now cooled down, in fact as I type this Im sat with my window open listening to the rain and it is bliss. 

For those who are wondering what Simon Saturday is it is when I create something using Simon Says Stamp Products, I sometimes have giveaways, do reviews etc and I am always open to new suggestions :) 


All supplies are listed and linked at the bottom of this post. 

I like to think I am fairly organised in my craft room...well I try to be. A huge learning curve for me was moving from a large room to a small one. There is a ton of craft videos out there about organisation for paper etc but I found it often meant needing a new unit or needing more room then I have. 

So today I wanted to share how I now store my paper and how using a very handy die from Simon has made it so much easier. 


My main unit in my craft room is a bookcase from Ikea so I need paper storage that was going to work with that. I use the Ikea Fluns Magazine files, they are crazy cheap and honestly last a long time considering they are cardboard. As shown in the picture above I  turn them on their side and then have these in a row on my bookcase. Each file holds a brand or type of paper. It is of no surprise that I have several for Simon Says Stamp card & paper. 

I am very much a visual person and like to see my supplies. Now what I did do for some time was use a hole punched piece of card stuck on the end of the card pockets. What I found with this was it got grubby quite quickly and didn't last long. 

When I saw the Simon Says Stamp & CZ design Simple Tabs dies in the last release, more specifically the large folded tab die I had an idea which in my mind would be more long lasting and effective than using the punched circle method. 

To store my paper I use strong punched pockets meant for binders and I trim the punched strip off which then opens up the side. I then keep a colour in each pocket along with any scraps and then store it in the magazine file.

I have had it in the past when the punched circle starts to look grubby, a paper is discontinued (I try and not use discontinued products on my blog) or if i end up ripping one of the circles then I would have to throw the whole wallet away, I REALLY dislike waste so I wanted to come up with a way I could change that. 

Something I have had for years now is the Xyron Creative Station. 


This machine applies various mediums/finishes to surfaces. You can laminate with it, apply adhesive & they also have a cartridge what will apply laminate on one side, & magnet to the other. If you don't have one of these machines they are SO worth the effort and have so many uses. 

I have used the laminate/magnet cartridge for what I am showing you today, this can be achieved without the above machine, but it is a lot easier if you have one. 

I started off with cutting down the card stock I wish to label to fit the die, I do try and be conservative with the cartridges for the Xyron so if you do purchase one my top piece of advice is to trim your card down to the correct size otherwise you do end up with waste. 


I then feed two pieces of card side by side into the Xyron machine, making sure the previous pieces have gone fully through before feeding the next ones in. 

When you are done there is a little trimmer on the Xyron which trims the piece for you and you will end up with something like this. 


Now this is such an important tip for this machine, take your bone folder and run around the edges of each piece of card and also rub over the front and back, this allows good adhesion. 

Once that is done I then trim the pieces out. 


I then die cut these all out, both he double tab dies leave a score line and you want to make sure you fold along that using a bone folder. I have to say I did think I'd need a shim to do this and was VERY impressed that this die dealt with the magnet with no problems, and without a shim. 

Once I have die cut each piece I can then set about putting them onto my card pockets. This is very easy to do, you just fold each piece around the edge of the pocket and the magnet holds it in place. 


This is why I used the magnet cartridge. I don't need to use any adhesives so if the card is discontinued or I stop using it I can simply remove the tab and use the pocket for another card stock, which means no waste ! Hooray !  

The other reason I used this cartridge was it meant that the tab is laminated, which means it shouldn't get grubby or rip ! 

You could of course label your tabs, but I am a bit of a SSS card geek and know the names of the card by looking at it, so for me this is an unnecessary step, but I will be labelling my other card stocks and papers. 

Once I have added the tabs to all the wallets I then place them back into the magazine file. 


As you can see from the side I can easily see each card pocket which makes it so much easier for me to just grab it rather than having to hunt through a door or file. 

The reason I wanted to share this post with you is I know that many of you like to buy dies that can be used in multiple ways and one of the things I get asked a lot is about my craft room organisation. 

These tab dies and technique would also work well for labelling stamps and dies and they are on my list next to do so if you would like me to share that with you just let me know. 

I have been asked a few times now about a craft room tour. I won't be doing one of my current room because it really is insanely small and would be a nightmare to do and honestly my room is pretty much a bookcase and a desk. 

Something I have been saving for though is I am moving into the spare bedroom which is a couple of FT bigger than this room so will give me that little bit more room I need and I will also be getting new furniture (It is probably crazy how excited I am). So once I am in that room I will do a tour. 

My plain in the meantime is to continue to try and find ways to organise my supplies better and in ways that suit smaller spaces. If you would like me to share more posts like this then let me know. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I know I didn't share any cards etc but hope you still enjoyed the post. 

I will be back to posting a lot more Simon Saturdays now, and of course STAMPtember is just around the corner and you guys it is going to be a crazy month, I will have some giveaways and hopefully lots of creations.

I hope you all have a great weekend, don't forget to let me know if you would like to see more posts like this. 

Happy Crafting 


  1. Great organization tips Tracy. I've never heard of one of those machines before and will have to check it out.

  2. inkyfingersandribbon11 August 2018 at 20:00

    Thanks Lynn. They are really good, great for detailed due cuts. I have the 5" one but going to get the 9" one.

  3. Great system for seeing your paper, Tracy! I'm overflowing with paper, but overwhelms me to think of trying to get it more organized. I need an organization genie, that's for sure! I do keep my "special" paper (SSS & PTI) in one container so I don't have to hunt for that. My big still uncompleted project is to purge my 20+ year stash of crafting goodies & then organizing might be more feasible. At least I can dream--haha! Always good to get ideas that someone is actually using! Sending hugs, Greta

  4. Fabulous organization tips, Tracy! i'm intrigued by your Xyron station; do you think it would work for laminating things like bookmarks/mini tags for my niece, nephew and their classmates? May need to add that to my shopping list!

  5. inkyfingersandribbon17 August 2018 at 20:05

    Hey lovely, yes I'm sure it would. They do a cartridge which is laminating only so that would work well.

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips and useful ideas !


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