Spectrum Noir Hair Tutorial Pt 2

Afternoon lovelies...I hope you are all having a good Friday and are ready for the weekend ?

Firstly a huge thank you for the response to my Spectrum Noir Hair & skin tutorial that I posted yesterday, I received some lovely comments, emails & Facebook messages, so thank you all It really is appreciated and certainly made my day. 

Now as I mentioned Yesterday today I am going to cover a different technique using your Spectrum Noirs called Tip to Tip. Now i dare say some of you are wondering what on earth I am talking about...let me explain. 
Tip to Tip method allows you to blend two colours that you would normally struggle to get a smooth blend, or even be able to blend at all. On the chart I posted yesterday one of the colour combos is EB5, GB10 & GB2...now take a look at your Colour chart and you will see there is a big jump in colour between GB10 & GB2, now try and blend these two....End up with a big of a mess and not a good blend ? That is because they are too far apart on the colour scale between light and dark, but using Tip to Tip method that isn't a problem. 
This method can be done in two ways. You can either do as the name sounds and put your markers tip to tip so that you transfer some of the ink onto the other nib. You then take the pen that you want to blend with, start in the area (in this case it would be taking GB2 & start in GB10 area) and flick outwards. This image shows 4 flicks, all have come from the same marker (GB2) but using the tip to tip method It allows me to change the colour. 
The second flick shows best why this technique is so fantastic, can you see the way the flick fades ? 
What this means is the gap between the colours which meant they couldn't be blended is now filled due to the way it fades from one colour to the next. 
What is even more brilliant about this technique is you can use it to go between colour groups ! I have used this technique to go from purple to green seamlessly. 

Now I find this technique works better for me using the second method, which requires the aide of an acrylic stamping block, rather than taking the ink directly from the tip of the pen I lay the colour onto a block...

I then pick the colour up from the block using the other pen and then you are ready to blend, remember to start in the colour you want to blend from (in this case GB10) and flick into the area you want to blend into (in this case GB2)

This technique works well both ways, so play around and see which way works better for you. 

Now onto the hair combo using this technique.
First take EB5 and flick out from your darkest areas. 

Now take GB10 and flick out towards your lightest area.

Using the above method lay down some GB10 onto an acrylic block

Take your GB2 and pick up some of the GB10

Flick midway in the GB10 area outwards, pick up more colour when needed and continue until all your lightest area is coloured. 

Now go back in with your EB5 & GB10 to redefine your areas and add extra depth. 

Continue with the other areas until you are finished & happy.
And there we have tip to tip blending, this technique really allows you to take your colouring to the next level, let your creativity run wild :)

I have had a couple of people ask me if I would mind emailing them over the Hair & Skin chart i did yesterday, which of course I am happy to do. If you would like a copy then please drop me an email.
Happy Crafting


  1. Another great tutorial Tracy. Thank you so much.
    Linda xxx

  2. :) Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Great technique and tutorial!! I do kind of the same thing with a Niji waterbrush and twinks! TFS


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